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our history, mission and sales network

Our history

The company C.I.M.A. was born in 1999 as a family company, in a small garage under the family home. 
The long experience on the air compression field combined with the passion and willpower brought C.I.M.A. to create and manufacture its own product within the air compression field
Step by step they started the production of linear pipes and spiral hoses.
With the intelligence and creativity of the company members high technology unique thermoforming plants weredesigned and produced inside the company, these to transform linear pipes into spiral hoses, with a peerless hourly production. Also the machinery for final working of the products are designed and manufactured inside the company, becoming competitive in prices always with regard to the quality. 
Thanks to the PASSION, WILLPOWER and QUALIFIED STAFF, the C.I.M.A. company, despite the past difficult years, has become Leader in the manufacturing of spiral hoses with a worldwide distribution, supplying all the main brands of the field and being present for 90% in the mass retailers
. All our tubes are extruded in Italy. All processes, from raw material to production, packing and distribution are carefully controlled. 
Together with our manufacturing skills, prompt deliveries, wide range of products and services, we are able to satisfy every requirements, with the possibility to customize almost all the products.
PASSION, WILLPOWER and QUALIFIED STAFF keep being the C.I.M.A.  inspiration to create, invent, design and research new technologies to improve the production performances and quality and to test new materials for new products. 
Our Customer Service team is at your disposal to help you to find the right solution for your needs.
Every Customer will have the feeling to receive a warm assistance, collaboration and a relationship from a company made by PEOPLE driven by PASSION and WILLPOWER, that will friendly make the customer a precious collaborator of C.I.M.A. company.


This is the philosophy of C.I.M.A. company that made it unique:



The story continues…..


Invent, design, research and create to make CIMA’s  products more and more performants, functionals and of higher quality to make the User’s work easier and enjoyable.


We wish that every professional, lover of “DIY ” can discover and use the quality of  CIMA ROSSA.

Sales network

The CIMA ROSSA products are distributes in more than 53 countries in the world, with a continuous growth of customers and products sold, present in the 90% of the mass retailers.


The CIMA acquired an optimal presence in the market.


Meters of tube manufactured in the year 2018


Pieces of spirals and hoses manufactured every day


Countries in our sales network