Hoses and spirals

Very high quality spiral and pipes in nylon PA11, PA12, PA6, in polyurethane, teflon e polyethylene. 
Available in different diameters, lengths and models of fittings, packed in boxes, in bags, also in customized packages; to suit any kind of  professional application and hobby related to compressed air, water, etc

accessori per aria compressa pistole avvolgibili filtri raccordi

Fittings and accessories

We have available a complete range of products for compressed air to be able to supply evertyhing the user may need. In our catalogue you can find  retractable hose reels, couplers and quick couplings, compressed air blow guns and spray guns, reducers and filters, manometers and kits ready to use.


Accessories for industrial veichles

Air spirals for industrial veichles, electrical spirals, automatic couplings for easy hooking, quick couplings, high quality and reliability accessories.

accessori per veicoli industriali camion spirali

Download the new catalogues

We have available everything you need to complete the start up of your plant, fittings, couplers, blow guns and spray guns, reduceres and valves, retractable hose reels and complete kits.